In most bridal parties, flower girls draw a lot of attention. You need to pick cute flower girl dresses that will enable them to walk down the aisle freely. Here are six factors you need to consider when choosing a flower girl dress.


Often, the bride is usually in charge of selecting dresses for their flower girls. There is no standard color or style that one should follow; nevertheless, most brides prefer dresses which match with their wedding aesthetic. A popular form includes the ivory frock or white flower girl dresses. They resemble typical wedding dresses.

Some brides prefer having a flower girl dress whose hue is similar to their dresses. It helps in connecting with their bridal party. If you don’t have an idea of an appropriate flower girl dress, it’s wise to ask a young bridal party member.

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Typically, flower girls don dresses which suit the current season. If the wedding is during warm weather, open-toed shoes and short-sleeve flower dresses are an excellent selection. During cold weather, you need to add sweaters for the flower girls to be comfortable.

Future Use

When choosing a flower girl dress, avoid picking a perfect fit. A flower girl needs a well-fitting dress that is neither oversized nor form-fitting. Young girls have a high growth rate. Choosing a tight flower dress may prevent them from using it for long.


In most scenarios, the material of a flower girl’s dress rhymes with the wedding appeal. However, avoid picking an itchy, thick or stiff fabric. During the wedding, the flower girl will move around for long. Pick a material that is resistant to rips and wrinkles such as satin. Alternatively, you can choose chiffon or organza fabric when layering the dresses and tulle as the accent fabric. It’s advisable not to select silk as it tears easily.


Many flower girls wear dresses that are tea-length or floor-length. However, young girls need tea-length dresses to avoid causing a trip as they drag. On the other hand, most floor-length gowns are more elegant and formal. They are suitable for old flower girls. You also need to consider the dresses’ neckline. Those having high necklines help in avoiding wardrobe mishaps among young kids.


Some brides prefer specially designed dresses for their flower girls while others opt for party dresses. Before making a final choice, consult the flower girls’ parents on the price since they may have to buy it. Avoiding expensive designs is prudent.

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