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New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. This makes a lot of budget motorhome rental travelers wary of visiting the greatest city in the nation since they think they will have to dish out a ton of cash just to stay fed during their stay. Fortunately for you, this is not the case at all. There is lots of cheap and great food to be had all over the city, from the world’s best pizza which can be had by the slice, not to mention a wide range of quality food trucks with delicious fare and low prices. There are also a good range of top rated restaurants that can be enjoyed for prices that won’t break your bank. So if you’re rolling through NYC on a budget, then make sure to put these on your list.


This is one of the hippest spots in the city, and it can be had for a cheap amount as well. This is a delicious ramen restaurant that features a wide number of unique plates for prices that won’t break your budget. A plate of their fantastic fare, including sides, goes for only fifteen dollars. The appetizers are cheap as well, coming in at under ten bucks. This guarantees a full meal for a price that is rare to find in this town. Ramen lovers know that this is one of the top ramen spots in the city, and its cheap price adds an extra bonus for budget travelers.

Casa Enrique

Over in Long Island City you will find this Mexican jewel that has been hot for a while now. Here you will find scrumptious tacos and sides of rice and beans that will make budget travelers jump for joy. Many of the entrees come in at 25 dollars or less. Just because it’s cheap, this doesn’t mean that this isn’t some of the best Mexican fare to be found anywhere in the city. Since its inception, Casa has been gaining rave reviews with critics and foodies alike.  


One of the great things about tapas restaurants is that they offer the opportunity to enjoy a lot of different bites for much cheaper prices than ordering entrees. And this is one of the hottest tapas establishments in the city with multiple locations in Manhattan. You can dine on this classic tapas fare for well under your budget. The tapas here are unbelievable and are known to be incredibly filling, and just two plates should be enough to satisfy. This is a great opportunity to dine out at a lively Manhattan eatery and not kill your budget in the process. Budget motorhome travel is all about enjoying the best of a location without spending a significant amount of cash, and here at Boqueria you can dine in an exciting atmosphere, enjoy delicious and diverse plates, and relax after your long journey all for a price you can afford. Needless to say, this establishment should be on the list for any budget NYC journey.


Located on well known Bleeker Street in the world famous West Village, this establishment serves up delicious seafood for prices that will surprise you. Check out the oysters and clams plates that come with a draft beer or glass of wine that will only cost you nine dollars. At these prices, you may want to go in for seconds or a second drink. These are filling plates of some of the best seafood in the city, but not with a NYC price tag. Make sure to keep Fish on your list if you love seafood but aren’t looking to spend the normal prices.


Located in the beautiful Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, Ghenet is highly rated and friendly for budget travelers. Their chicken dishes are well known and their with special house sauce is to die for. The chopped tuna is highly rated as well. This is the very best of Ethiopian food and is known to be fresh and filling, featuring the unique spices and flavors this fare is known for. If you’re looking for unique fare then it is definitely worth checking this place out, especially if you’re on a budget.

There is no need to worry about going over your budget in New York City as long as you know where to eat. There is a wide range of terrific fare that can be had all over the city for prices that won’t kill your budget. All it takes is knowing where to go, so before hitting town make sure to do your research to locate the best budget location. For years motorhome rental travelers on budgets have been discovering that NYC can be enjoyed to the fullest without having to dish out thousands of dollars. So put it on your list and get here soon.